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Surrender at Fort Detroit

This articles describes the Surrender of Fort Deroit in the War of 1812.
Fort Detroit
Surrender at Fort Detroit

We took Fort Mackinac, Why Not Fort Detroit?

The surrender of Detroit was a humiliating loss for the Americans at the start of the War of 1812. After Isaac Brock and British forces took Fort Mackinac, Brock decided to make an attempt at Fort Detroit near the western edge of Lake Erie, which was occupied by the Americans under William Hull. Hull had plans to raid the British fort at Amherstburg, but elected to retreat to Fort Detroit after the defeat at Fort Mackinac.

Hull is Outsmarted; Surrenders the Fort

Brock, along with the native chief Tecumseh, formulated a plan in which they made their small force seem much larger than it was by lighting many fires and lining troops in strategic formations. Fearing an onslaught, and completely fooled by the British, Hull quickly surrendered the entire fort, including 39 cannons and 2,500 muskets. Two large detachments of soldiers were also surrendered. The American defeat prevented them from invading Canada and gave the British a stronghold in Michigan.

War of 1812 Battles

November 7th, 1811 - Battle of Tippecanoe
July 17, 1812 - Battle of Fort Mackinac
August 15, 1812 - Massacre at Fort Dearborn
October 13, 1812 - Battle of Queenston's Heights
January 22, 1813 - Battle of Frenchtown
March 30, 1813 - Battle of Lacolle Mills
April 27, 1813 - Battle of York
May 1-9, 1813 - Siege at Fort Meigs
August 15-16, 1813 - Surrender of Fort Detroit
September 10, 1813 - Battle of Lake Erie
October 5, 1813 - Battle of Thames
1813-1814 - Creek War
July 5- 1814 - Battle of Chippawa
July 25, 1814 - Battle of Lundy's Lane
August 24, 1814 - Battle of Bladensburg
August 25, 1814 - The Razing of Washington
September 6-11, 1814 - Battle of Plattsburgh
September 12-14, 1814 - Siege of Baltimore
November 11, 1814 - Battle of Crysler's Farm
January 8, 1815 - Battle of New Orleans


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