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What is Mr. Nussbaum?

MrNussbaum.com is an educational website designed for teachers, parents, learners, and students. It covers most elementary and middle school subjects and is useful for all learners. 

Regarding the Privacy of Children

MrNussbaum.com does not collect any personally identifiable student data. Some of our educational activities may ask users for a name or code name for the purposes of personalizing a certificate or for a printable, non-recorded  score report. 

By default, our resources do not collect student data. 
Within fifteen of our games, teachers have the option of recording and reviewing basic student statistics such as score, number of times played, and average score, but must initiate registration of an account. Student “names” are limited to initials or a three-character code determined by the teacher or parent.
For example on a game such as Ultimate Speed Math, a teacher or parent might see that student “SBR” scored 14. This data is solely for teacher or parent review and is not analyzed, exported, or used in any way.
We do not collect, ask for, or store student names, addresses, gender information, identification numbers, birthdates, grade level information, email addresses, phone numbers or any form of personally identifiable information. 


We use cookies when necessary. A cookie is a small file stored on your computer. We use cookies and other tracking methods to help us understand how people use our website. Cookies also enable us to tell information about a user's session such as the technology used, time on site, geographical location, pages visited, and other information we use to determine usage trends and ultimately, how to improve our site. We use Google Analytics for the aforementioned purposes.

Additionally, we use cookies so game or activity information can be stored. For example, we have several games that can be "saved" so our users can continue playing from where they left off at a later time. To accomplish this details of the user session is stored on their own computer in a small file. When they access the game or activity again, the information is retrieved so that "saved" game can continue. No other information is stored on the cookie and it is not accessible to MRN administrators. It is only useful to the player who wishes to continue the game or activity.


Advertisements on the site are specially designed to prevent any sort of behavioral tracking, per COPPA regulations. All ads are contextual in nature. 

Be informed however, that third-party ads may appear on videos from YouTube, National Geographic, or the History Channel embedded on MrNussbaum pages. Such videos DO NOT auto-play, and must be initiated by the user. Embedded videos are provided to enhance and make more interactive the learning experience for students on the site.

If you have additional questions regarding privacy, please contact us at mrnussbaumcom@gmail.com