2/21/24 - Teachers and Parents - Becoming a member of the the ad-free Mr. Nussbaum is ONLY $29 per year!! With prices for everything seemingly spiraling upward, did you know we have reduced the price by $50 since last year? A membership unlocks all content, provides a curated student dashboard, allows for content creation, and provides unlimited students logins (among many other things). Click "Sign Up" in the upper right to start.


Anything you see on MrNussbaum.com or MrN 365 is available for licensing. WE OWN 99% of the content you see on our sites. Occasionally, we'll grant content exchanges where we license our content to another company in exchange for some of their content.

We've made small licensing deals in the past and very large licensing deals as well. We've done perpetual licensing deals and annual licensing deals. We've licensed to startups and to big companies and government agencies. In fact, we've just finished pricing our entire inventory of educational materials. If you are interested in licensing our educational materials, please e-mail us and I'll send you our catalog. 


Did you know? 

MrNussbaum products have been licensed for use on Leapfrog tablets, Kurio tablets, Learn360.com, zoodles.com, and many others!