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Battle of Crysler's Farm

This articles describes the Battle of Crysler's Farm in the War of 1812.

Battle of Crysler's Farm

Battle of Crysler's Farm

Falling Into a Trap

The Battle of Crysler's Farm arose from an American plan to attack and occupy Quebec in Canada (British territory). The plan called for General James Wilkinson to lead his army down the St. Lawrence River. The trip downriver, however, required the crossing of the dreaded Sault Falls. To lighten the load, and to eliminate any enemies in the area, Wilkinson landed his army at the Crysler Farm - exactly what the British were hoping for.

Wilkinson's Embarrassing Failure

Despite being outnumbered by at least three to one, British soldiers, Canadian soldiers (known as Voltigeurs), and Native warriors drove Wilkinson's disorganized army back across the US-Canada border thanks to brilliant military maneuvers and tactics orchestrated by British General Joseph Morrison. American forces suffered 489 casualties. The defeat was particularly embarrassing considering the superior numbers of American army.

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