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Battle of Chippawa

This articles describes the Battle of Chippawa in the War of 1812.
Battle of Chippawa
Battle of Chippawa

British Reinforcements are Coming

As the Napoleonic Wars ended in Europe, American officials knew that great numbers of British reinforcements would soon be arriving in North America. American forces, which were eager to secure Canada before their arrival, conitnued their advance into upper Canada by advancing down the Niagara River.

Reall's Mistake is Costly for the British

British General Phineas Reall planned to launch a surprise attack against the advancing Americans under the command of Winfield Scott and Jacob Brown. Reall believed the advancing soldiers were simply "militia" rather than the well-trained "regulars." By the time Reall realized his mistake it was tool late. The American "regulars" overwhelmed the British resistance by organizing into a "u-shaped" formation, enabling them to edeliver devastating volleys from multiple directions into the British advance. The British hastily retreated after suffering over 500 casualties.

War of 1812 Battles

November 7th, 1811 - Battle of Tippecanoe
July 17, 1812 - Battle of Fort Mackinac
August 15, 1812 - Massacre at Fort Dearborn
October 13, 1812 - Battle of Queenston's Heights
January 22, 1813 - Battle of Frenchtown
March 30, 1813 - Battle of Lacolle Mills
April 27, 1813 - Battle of York
May 1-9, 1813 - Siege at Fort Meigs
August 15-16, 1813 - Surrender of Fort Detroit
September 10, 1813 - Battle of Lake Erie
October 5, 1813 - Battle of Thames
1813-1814 - Creek War
July 5- 1814 - Battle of Chippawa
July 25, 1814 - Battle of Lundy's Lane
August 24, 1814 - Battle of Bladensburg
August 25, 1814 - The Razing of Washington
September 6-11, 1814 - Battle of Plattsburgh
September 12-14, 1814 - Siege of Baltimore
November 11, 1814 - Battle of Crysler's Farm
January 8, 1815 - Battle of New Orleans


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