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Battle of Lake Erie

This articles describes the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.
Battle of Lake Erie
Oliver Hazard Perry

The Battle of Lake Erie was a major naval battle in the War of 1812. It featured nine U.S. naval vessels and six British naval vessels.

Perry Captures Five British Ships

After the British surprisingly withdrew from their naval blockade at Erie, Pennsylvania, a fleet of American ships organized by Oliver Hazard Perry prepared for battle, sailing west on Lake Erie. Perry's fleet eventually captured five British ships. He received the British surrender on the deck of his damaged flagship, the Lawrence.

The British Lose Control of the Great Lakes

As a result of the battle, the British retreated to Detroit and lost control of the Great Lakes. The loss prevented them from reinforcing or resupplying their troops in Upper Canada. It also ensured there would be no British attacks in the Great Lakes states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New York.

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