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Home > History > Stop 9 Along the Oregon Trail - The Dalles

Stop 9 Along the Oregon Trail - The Dalles

This page describes the experience of being at The Dalles (pronounced 'the dailes') on the Oregon Trail.
The Dalles

The Dalles

One more Stop!

The Dalles, located on the Columbia River, was first explored by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in 1805. They named the area Rockport. Soon, fur-traders and missionaries came to the area, and the region became known as "The Dalles," meaning "flagstone" in French. In 1838, a Methodist mission was built in the area to give aid to sick and desperate travelers along the Oregon Trail. The Dalles served as a transition point on the trail. For nearly 2,000 miles, travelers trekked through the Great Plains and mountain passes. Past the Dalles, however, most travelers would have to pack up their belongings and float down the Columbia River to make it to their final destination of Oregon City. However, those who could afford to pay a toll could take the Barlow Road, which permitted a land passage to Oregon City.

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The Dalles
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