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Home > History > Stop 6 Along the Oregon Trail -Soda Springs

Stop 6 Along the Oregon Trail -Soda Springs

This page describes the experience of being at Soda Springs on the Oregon Trail.
Soda Springs

Soda Springs

Natural Carbonated Water

Soda Springs, located in eastern Idaho, was a well known landmark to both Native Americans and to travelers on the Oregon Trail. The town is named for the thousands of carbonated water natural springs that are located in the area. Today, in Hooper Springs Park, visitors can sample the carbonated water just as westward-bound travelers did some 160 years ago.

Soda Springs is also the home of the world’s largest man-made geyser. The geyser was created in 1937, after engineers unintentionally drilled into a carbonated spring - shooting water 100 feet into the sky. Today, the geyser has been programmed to shoot water into the air once every hour. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, it is the only capitve geyser.

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