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This page tells all about the duties, roles, and requirements of the President. It is part of our United States Government series.

Presidential Seal


The president of the United States is the chief executive of the federal government and commander-and-chief of the United States Military. Below is a list of presidential responsibilities.

  • The president manages the U.S. government and the country's national affairs.
  • The president can issue executive orders - rules or actions that do not require congressional approval.
  • The president can mobilize and call to action the National Guard.
  • The president nominates all heads of executive departments.
  • The president prepares the national budget.
  • The president can veto acts of Congress (though the presidential veto can be overridden via vote).
  • The president prepares the State of the Union Address, a nationally televised speech outlining the status of the United States.
  • The president appoints members of the Supreme Court.
  • The president can pardon individuals convicted of breaking federal law.
  • The president is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of relations with foreign nations.
  • The president appoints ambassadors to other nations.
  • The president is responsible for the protection of Americans abroad.

Requirements to be President

The president must be a natural-born citizen of the United States. The president must also be at least 35 years old and a resident of the United States for 14 years.

Presidential Elections

Presidential elections are held every four years. Presidents can serve a maximum of two terms, or eight years in office. The president and vice-president are the only officials elected on a national scale.


The president of the United States is the highest paid government employee. The president earns $400,000 per year. That said, did you know the CEO of Apple (Tim Cook) makes over 200 times what the President of the United States makes?

Salary of the President of the United States Over Time

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Executive Branch


Legislative Branch

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Judicial Branch

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U.S. District Courts

Executive Department Heads

Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Secretary of Homeland Security
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary of the Interior
Attorney General
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of State
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Government Structure


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