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The Gurdon Light

This article tells all about the eerie Gurdon Light, that sometimes illuminates in rural Arkansas. This page contains a video also.

The Gurdon Light

The cosmic Gurdon Light is a mysterious white-blue or orange glow that has been witnessed by thousands of people near a set of railroad tracks off of Interstate 30 in Clark County, Arkansas. The light is said to move through the trees located around the railroad tracks and is only visible at night. Though there is no confirmed explanation for the appearance of the Gurdon Light, a possible reason is piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity is when certain materials, like crystals or ceramics, produce electricity as a result of being pressurized.  Because the site of the Gurdon Light is known to contain underground quartz crystals, the light may be the result of electrical reactions created by the buried quartz. Aside from this reasoning, a local legend has attributed the mysterious light to a ghost. It is said that the Gurdon Light is the light from the lantern of a railroad worker who fell onto the tracks and died, or was killed in a fight on the tracks. Many people, however, believe the lights are simply caused by car headlights on the nearby highway.

Today, the Gurdon Light is a popular Halloween attraction and has been featured on the popular television show Unsolved Mysteries.


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