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Thor's Well - Oregon

This article tells all about the beautiful and mysterious ocean sinkhole on the coast of Oregon known as Thor's Well. This page contains a video also.

Thor's Well

Sometimes called the Drainpipe of the Pacific, Thor's Well is a natural wonder located on the coastal town of Yachats, Oregon. The "well" is named after Thor, the Norse God of thunder and lightning. At first glance, the well appears a giant, deep sinkhole with water from the Pacific Ocean pouring into its seemingly bottomless depths. Despite its appearance, however, Thor’s Well, is little more than a twenty-foot hole from a collapsed sea cave in a large rock that juts out into the ocean. The scene at Thor's Well is particularly dramatic during storms or high tide when waves crash over the rock and pour down the hole. The raging scene provides a breathtaking opportunity for photographers hoping to capture the beauty and power of the giant hole. Although incredible to view, Thor's Well can also be dangerous, especially during high tides, where the unpredictable and powerful waves can sweep unsuspecting visitors into the hole.

Thor’s Well is part of a larger area known as Cape Perpetua. Hiking the nearby coast affords the opportunity to view geysers, chasms and other unique formations.


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