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Benjamin Franklin Short Biography

This is a short biography on Benjamin Franklin for younger grades.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most important Americans in history. In the early part of his life, Franklin was a business person and inventor. He ran the Pennsylvania Gazette (newspaper) and also published Poor Richard's Almanac. Poor Richard's Almanac was very popular because it made predictions about the future and had wise sayings. Ben Franklin also invented the Franklin stove, lightning rod, bifocals (eyeglasses), and started America's first library. He is probably best known for his kite experiment which proved electricity could be harnessed from lightning.

In the later part of his life, Franklin became interested in politics. He spent many years in England before coming back to America. In 1776, Franklin helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence. Two years later, he went to France and convinced the French to help America in the war against England. After the war, Franklin joined the Continental Congress and signed the Constitution. He died in 1790. Today, Ben Franklin is honored on the $100 dollar bill. His name is honored on highways, schools, and businesses across America.


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