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Home > History > The Santa Fe Trail - Arkansas River (Stop 3)

The Santa Fe Trail - Arkansas River (Stop 3)

This page describes the Arkansas River- the third stop of the Santa Fe Trail.
Arkansas River

Arkansas River

America's Fifth Longest River

The Arkansas River is the 5th longest river in the United States. Ports on the river include Wichita, Kansas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Little Rock, Arkansas. Travelers on the Santa Fe Trail in Kansas would eventually have to make a decision on which route to take to Santa Fe: the Cimarron route through a small portion of Colorado, or, continue along the Arkansas River, west into Colorado to take the Mountain route. While the mountain route took longer, travelers had a continuous source of water and settlers were less likely to be attacked by Native Americans.

Next Stop: Fort Dodge

Santa Fe Trail Map

Santa Fe Trail Stops

Great Plains
Arkansas River
Fort Dodge
Bent's Fort
Santa Fe


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