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Pueblo Kachinas

This section contains detailed information about the famous Pueblo Kachina dolls.

Video on the symbolism of different Kachinas

Pueblo Kachinas

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Puebloan people are known for Kachinas. A kachina was a strong spirit that could control nature. Puebloan people prayed to over 400 different Kachinas. Kachinas can represent anything found in the natural world including animals, plants, weather events (such as a thunderstorm) or cosmic objects like the stars, sun, or planets. Kachinas also may have similar relationships as humans and may have cousins, sisters, brothers, parents, and even children. A Kachina has three aspects: the supernatural being, kachina dancers, and kachina dolls. Kachina dancers represented the supernatural beings in religious ceremonies and the dolls were representations of the different kachinas given to children.

Kachina Doll



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