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The Corps of Discovery - Lewis and Clark

This articles provides information about the Corps of the Discovery - the 42 men who traveled with Lewis and Clark across the unchartered west.

Corps of Discovery Badge

Corps of Discovery Badge

Corps of Discovery

The Corps of Discovery consisted of the 42 people, one baby, and one dog, including Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who explored the lands acquired in the Louisiana Purchase and farther west from 1804-1806. Below are the members of the Corps. Those not labeled as Captain, Lieutenant, Corporal, or Sergeant were known as Privates.

  1. Captain Meriwether Lewis
  2. Lieutenant William Clark
  3. York - William Clark's servant
  4. Sergeant Charles Floyd, the only man to die in the expedition. His death occurred early in the journey, probably the result of a ruptured appendix.
  5. Sergeant Patrick Gass, a carpenter who was promoted after the death of Floyd
  6. Sergeant Nathaniel Hale Pryor - leader of the 1st Squad
  7. Sergeant John Ordway - His job was to keep records and to issue rations
  8. Corporal Richard Warfington - helped conduct the 1805 return trip to St. Louis
  9. John Boley - expedition member
  10. John Collins - expedition member who was disciplined for stealing whiskey.
  11. Pierre Cruzatte - Expedition member and skilled river navigator.
  12. John Dame - Expedition member
  13. John Colter - Expedition member charged with mutiny.
  14. Joseph Field - Expedition member; skilled hunter
  15. Reubin Field - Expedition member; skilled hunter
  16. William Bratton - Expedition member; blacksmith
  17. George Gibson Expedition member; hunter and sign language interpreter
  18. Hugh Hall - Expedition member; disciplined for stealing whiskey
  19. Robert Frazer - Expedition member
  20. Thomas Proctor Howard - Expedition member; court-martialed for showing the Mandan Indians how to scale a wall designed to protect the Corps.
  21. Silas Goodrich - Expedition member; fisherman
  22. Francois Labiche - Expedition member; fur trapper, interpreter, and navigator
  23. Hugh McNeal - Expedition member; first to cross the Continental Divide
  24. John Potts - Expedition member; miller
  25. Moses Reed - Expedition member; expelled from Corps for desertion
  26. John Newman - Expedition member; disciplined for repeatedly using bad language
  27. George Shannon - Expedition member; Youngest member of expedition at 19 years of age
  28. John Roberston - Expedition member
  29. John Thompson - Expedition member; surveyor
  30. John Shields Expedition member; blacksmith and carpenter. Disciplined for mutiny
  31. Private John Robertson - member of the Corps for a very short time.
  32. Howard Tunn - Expedition member; hunter, navigator
  33. Peter Wesner - Expedition member
  34. William Wesner - Expedition member
  35. Ebenezer Tuttle - Expedition member
  36. Isaac White - Expedition member
  37. Alexander Hamilton Willard Expedition member; blacksmith
  38. Richard Windsor - Expedition member; hunter
  39. Joseph Whitehouse - Expedition member; tailor, writer
  40. Toussaint Charbonneau - Expedition member; translator, fur trapper, cook, and husband of Sacagawea
  41. Sacagawea - Charbonneau's wife, important language translator and guide
  42. Jean Baptiste Charbonneau - Son of Sacagawea born on February 11, 1805. His presence alerted Indian groups the expedition was not a war party.
  43. George Brouillard - Expedition member; interpreter and skilled hunter.
  44. Seaman - Meriwether Lewis' large, black Newfoundland dog.

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