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Green Mountain Boys

This page describes the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont.

The Green Mountain Boys were a militia group active during the American Revolutionary War. They were formed in the 1770s to defend the interests of settlers in Vermont, which at the time was a disputed territory claimed by both New York and New Hampshire.

Led by Ethan Allen

The Green Mountain Boys were led by Ethan Allen, a charismatic leader and frontiersman who had settled in the region in the 1760s. The group's name referred to the Green Mountains, a range of mountains in Vermont that served as a natural barrier against outside intrusions. The Green Mountain Boys were known for their fierce independence and willingness to defend their land and rights at any cost. They were involved in several conflicts and skirmishes with the British and their Loyalist allies, as well as with the governments of New York and New Hampshire.

Fort Ticonderoga and Bennington

One of the most notable actions of the Green Mountain Boys was the capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775. The fort, located on Lake Champlain in New York, was a strategic point that controlled the passage between the colonies and Canada. Allen led a surprise attack on the fort, which was defended by a small British garrison, and captured it with minimal resistance.The capture of Fort Ticonderoga was a significant victory for the Patriots, as it provided them with valuable artillery and other military supplies. The Green Mountain Boys also played a key role in the Battle of Bennington in 1777, in which they defeated a British detachment seeking supplies for General John Burgoyne's army. The defeat crippled Burgoyne's position in New York, and the set the stage for his eventual defeat at Saratoga.



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