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Dr. Joseph Warren Biography

This is a full biography on Dr. Joseph Warren

Joseph Warren

Joseph Warren was born on June 11, 1741. Warren received his medical education in Boston and went on to establish a successful medical practice in the city. In addition to his medical work, he was also a passionate supporter of the Patriot cause and was involved in various political and military activities. 

Key Leader in the Sons of Liberty

In 1772, Warren was elected to the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, where he served as a delegate for several years. He was a vocal opponent of British policies, including the Quartering Act, the Townshend Acts, and the Intolerable Acts. In 1774, he helped organize the Boston Tea Party and became a key leader of the Sons of Liberty.

Military Operations

Warren's political and military involvement continued to grow in the early years of the American Revolution. He served as a major general in the Massachusetts militia and was a key figure in the battles and skirmishes in and around Boston in 1775. Warren led Massachusetts militia in repeated assaults agains the British in their march back to Boston in the Battles of Lexington and Concord. In the Battle of Bunker Hill, Warren fought alongside the other men as a private rather than a commissioned officer. Unfortunately, Warren was killed at the very end of the battle, but his death only served to further galvanize the Patriot cause and cement his place in American history as a hero and martyr of the Revolution.



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