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Dr. Benjamin Rush Biography

This is a full biography on Dr. Benjamin Rush

Benjamin Rush was born on December 24, 1745, in Byberry, Pennsylvania. He received his medical education at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) and went on to establish a successful medical practice in Philadelphia. He was a passionate advocate for the Patriot cause and was involved in various political and military activities during the American Revolution.

A Pioneer in Early Medicine

In addition to his medical and political achievements, Rush was also a well-respected educator and was known for his commitment to promoting education and public health. He was a founding member of several institutions, including the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the American Philosophical Society, and the Pennsylvania Hospital.

Supporting Independence

Rush was also a noted abolitionist and advocated for the abolition of slavery throughout his life. He served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and signed the Declaration of Independence. He was instrumental in the ratification of the United States Constitution in his home state of Pennsylvania. In addition, he served as the Surgeon General of the Continental Army.

Ahead of his Time

Aside from his political and educational achievements, Rush was also a pioneering physician who made significant contributions to the field of medicine. He was one of the first American physicians to advocate for the use of vaccinations and was a vocal advocate for mental health, publishing several influential works on the topic. The American Psychiatric Association deemed him the "father of American psychiatry" in 1965. 



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