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The Arctic Tundra - A Brief Discussion and Video

This page tells about the Arctic Tundra. It includes a video.

Arctic Tundra


The tundra is a special type of land found in extremely cold areas such as the Arctic and parts of Alaska and Canada. The tundra is sometimes called the frozen desert. In areas with tundra the ground is frozen the whole year. This permanently frozen ground is called permafrost. Very short shrubs grow in the tundra. It is difficult for taller plants to grow because the ground is so cold and hard. The tundra can be very windy because there is so little to block the wind. Wind speeds can reach nearly 60 miles per hour. Few animals live in the tundra because there are little plants. However, many birds and insects travel there in the summertime when then ice melts. Because of the cold, windy conditions, it is difficult for some people to live in areas with tundra. Some scientists work on research stations for part of the year to study the plants and animals that live there.




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