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Susan B. Anthony - Arrested for Voting

This article tells about the arrest of Susan B. Anthony in 1872 for casting a vote for President.

Susan B. Anthony Illegally Votes

Why Not Me?

The year was 1872. 18th President of the United States Ulysses S. Grant was running for his second term as president. At the time, only men could officially vote, but that didn't stop suffragist Susan B.Anthony from doing everything in her power to cast her vote. Four days before the official vote, Anthony stormed into a Rochester, N.Y., polling station and demanded that her name be added to the list of eligible voters. 

Defying Injustice

Anthony was told by the election official on duty that the state of New York only allowed men to cast votes, but eventually, she persuaded the official to add her name, and the names of 14 other women to the list. On November 5th, Anthony cast her vote for Grant. Thirteen days later, Anthony was the only of the 15 women to be arrested for unlawful voting. She allegedly asked the police officer if her arrest was typical of how police officers arrest men. When he replied that it wasn't, she requested to be arrested properly. 

Guilty of What?

Anthony's trial lasted two days. She was found guilty and fined $100. Anthony told the judge, "I shall never pay a penny of your unjust penalty." 


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