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Answer Sheet for Reading Comprehension Exercises

There are several ways you can get the answer sheet that includes ALL 500 Reading comprehension exercises on MrNussbaum.com.

If you'd rather not pay, there are creative ways we've come up with that serve as trades.

  1. You can subscribe to MrN 365. Our subscription site automatically includes the answer document. We usually have some promotion running for a particular month so you can save on the $79 annual membership fee.
  2. We will send you the answer sheet in exchange for a little of bit of marketing. If you post a link to our site (mrnussbaum.com) from your site, or your school's site, will send you the answer sheet. Simply, e-mail us the link. The link has to stay up for at least six months. Send the e-mail to mrnussbaumcom [@] gmail.com
  3. We will send you the answer sheet in exchange for a tweet showing your students using mrnussbaum.com. Simply tweet @MrNussbaum



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