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All About Space, Moon, Planets, Stars and More for Kids


Planets Interactive

Learn all about the eight planets (and Pluto) using my interactive solar system feature. Simply click on a planet!

Planet Profiles

Learn in-depth information about the planets and the asteroid belt. All pages have extraordinary imagesof the planets and some contain National Geographic videos.

Phenomena from Space

Learn all about the incredible wonders of space including supernovae, black holes, meteors, meteorites, auroras, galaxies, and much, much more.


Learn all about star types, star life cycles, and the heavenly constellations using my interactive star guides.


Learn about moon phases, tides, and the relationship between the earth and moon using my interactive moon features.


Learn all about three astronomers who revolutionized the field of astronomy through their observations, discoveries, and mathematic genius.

Space Travel

Learn all about the space race, the first walk on the moon, and other landmarks in space travel.

Solar System Maker

Create your own planets with moons, rings, colors, and more and set them into orbit in your own solar system.

Space Activities

Reading Comprehension exercises, cloze reading, paralaughs, word searches and much more!