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Genius Boxing – A Fun Inequalities Game for Kids



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Think you’re good at math? Prove it to the most famous mathematical thinkers in history. In Genius Boxing, you must defeat Albert Einstein, Pythagoras, Galileo, Bill Gates, Leonardo da Vinci, Nicholas Coperniucs, Archimedes, and Sir Isaac Newton in boxing using your math skills. Look at the number equation that appears at the bottom of the screen. Click on <, >, or = to make the number equation true. Be careful though, each round gets much harder!

Genius Boxing is perfect for kids ages 7-9, Grade Levels: 2.2 – 3.8 (apx.)

Scoring Breakdown and Grade Level Equivalency

Round Grade Level Equivalency
3 2.4
4 2.7
5 3.0
6 3.3
7 + 3.6 (mastery)


Skills Reinforced:

Using Inequalities
Adding Numbers with Sums Less than 100
Subtracting Numbers from 99
Estimating Sums
Estimating Differences