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Introduction to Makers

Introduction to Makers
Teachers and Parents - 
You can now use my "Makers" program to make, design, assign, and assess your own interactive activities using MrNussbaum.com activity templates. 
You can make your own:
* Reading Comprehension Exercises
* Cloze Reading Exercises:
* Sentence Surgeons Exercises
* Correct-me Passages
* Containers (Categorization) Exercises
* Map Assessments
* Word Searches
* Timeline Games
* Not-Boring Jeopardy Games
* Tic-Tac Dough Games
* Tournaments
Once you register with a FREE account and sign up students (using no Personally Identifiable Data), you can start creating and deploying these to your students. Scores on activities you deploy will be available in your "gradebook." You can even use activities created by other teachers to use with your students. 
1.) How to register
Just visit and click "Create Exercise." If you haven't yet registered click the "Register Button." If you've already registered, click "login." 
2.) How to register students
Find the field next to "Add Students." Type in three initials or code for the student. Click the "Add Students" button. Repeat as necessary. The system will generate a unique case-sensitive passcode for each student. Click "Print Student Codes" to distribute to students. 
3.) How to create an activity
To create an activity, find the "Create a new game/exercise" drop down menu and select the activity you wish to create. Then, follow the instructions for creating each activity." After you've created the activity, the activity will appear in two places: 1.) The Dropdown menu labeled "Select a custom game/exercise to deploy" and "Created Games and Exercises (Click X to Delete). 
4.) How to deploy an activity to students.
Find the activity of interest in the  "Select a custom game/exercise to deploy" and select it. Check the students to deploy it to. Click the third green button labeled " Deploy/Game Exercise." The activity will now be available to the students you checked. 
5.) How do students access an activity? 
Students should visit the student log in page at: and enter their passcodes. All of the activities you've deployed to the student will be available to click. 
6.) How do I see scores? 
Click the "see Gradebook" button (the second of the three green buttons). Choose by activity or by student. 



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