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Illinois for Kids: Maps | Facts | Activities | History

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Illinois in U.S. History

Explorations of Marquette and Joliet
Explorations of Robert Sieur de la Salle
French and Indian War
Pontiac’s Rebellion
Black Hawk War
American Civil War
Union States in the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln
Shoeless Joe Jackson
Michael Jordan
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama

Illinois Video: Abraham Lincoln’s Home




Illinois : Top Five Facts

1. ) Chicago, known as the "Windy City" is the third largest city in America, and the largest city not on an ocean coastline.
2. ) The world’s first skyscaper was erected in Chicago in 1885.
3. ) Illinois was the first state to ratify the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution, banning slavery.
4. ) Des Plains, Illinois, was the site of the first McDonalds.
5. ) Chicago is home to the world’s largest cookie and cracker factory.


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