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Treasure Cliff – A Number Chart Game

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Based on This Game:

Print out Lesson Plan

Practice using Picture-based Math (online)

  * Treasure Cliff Practice
  * Treasure Cliff Practice Version 2

Practice using Standardized Test Simulation

  * Finding the Treasure
  * What Number am I?
* Closest/Farthest from One
* Missing Numbers on a Hundreds Chart
  * Basic Number Patterns
  * Missing Numbers from Number Sequences
Print Worksheet (s)
  Treasure Cliff Assessment
  Guess the Number
  Guess the Number (version 2)
Common Core Alignment
Age Appropriateness

Golden Path Common Core Alignment


Age Appropriateness

Can you find Golden Beard’s treasure? It’s hidden behind one of 100 numbered compartments in the face of a steep cliff. Move your eager mountain climber to the number you think the treasure is hidden behind and watch him use his jackhammer to discover if you are correct. Follow the higher or lower arrows until you eventually find the treasure. You have ten tries! 

Treasure Cliff is perfect for kids ages 5-7, in grades 1-2

Scoring Breakdown and Grade Level Equivalency

Guess the Number in Grade Level Equivalency (+ , and -)
10 1.5
9 1.9
8 2.3
7 2.7 (mastery)


Skills Reinforced:

Number Sense
Number Chart



Students who finish Treasure Cliff can print out a certificate similar to the example below: