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Tony Fraction – A Pizza Fraction Game for Kids

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Practice using Picture-based Math (online)

  * Tony Fraction Version 1
  * Tony Fraction Version 2

Practice using standardized test simulation

  * Fractions of Circles
  * Estimating Fractions in Circles
  * Identifying Fractions in Circles and Rectangles
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  * Tony Fraction Assessment
  * Tony Fraction Assessment (tenths)
  * Tony Fraction Assessment (twelfths)
  * Tony Fraction Assessment (sixteenths)
Common Core Alignment
Age Appropriateness/Rationale

Tony Fraction Common Core Alignment

Age Appropriateness/Rationale

Tony Fraction is a fun game that reinforces fraction identification, reduction, and equivalent fractions. Students play the role of Tony, a pizza shop owner who must fulfill the requests of his demanding customers. Tony’s customers order their pizzas with odd fractions of topping — not just the traditional "1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 plain." Tony’s customers routinely order pizzas with fractions such as fourths, sixths, eights, twelfths, and even sixteenths depending on the size of the pizza ordered. Students have five minutes to fill as many pizza orders and possible with the goal of making as much money as they can.

Tony Fraction is perfect for kids ages 9-12, Grade Levels: 4.0 – 5.5 (apx.)

Scoring Breakdown and Grade Level Equivalency

Dollars Grade Level Equivalency
25 4.0
35 4.4
45 4.8
55 5.2
65 + 5.6 (mastery)

Skills Reinforced:

Conceptualizing Fractions
Reducing Fractions
Identifying Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Building Fractions
Fractions of Numbers