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Tipster – Learning How to Calculate a Tip

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10 – 13
Calculating percentages
Calculating Tips
Percentages of Numbers


Text Instructions:

  • Waiters at MrNussbaum Family Restaurant have been disgruntled for a while. They have not gotten adequate tips for their exemplary service and are now threatening to go on strike. You have been hired by the restaurant to ensure your waiters and waitresses get the tips they deserve. Patrons of the restaurant are now required to give tips based on the quality of service. Patrons rate their servers on a scale of 1-5 (one being poor service and five being great service)

    1 = 5% tip | 2 = 10% tip | 3 = 15% tip | 4 = 20% | 5 = 25%

    There are 16 tables at the restaurant. At each table, you can see the service rating and the total bill. You must calculate the tip amount at each table. Your job is to collect as much tip money as possible to avert a strike. If you calculate the tip correctly, the wait team gets the tip, if not, they don’t! You have to collect a total of $100.00 in tip money. Any money over $100, you get for your services. If you make a three errors, the wait staff will walk out and MrNussbaum family restaurant must close!