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Tackle Math Ball – A Fun Math Football Game for Kids

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Lesson Plan and Standards Information

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Age Level Appropriateness
8 – 10

"Paper Football" Printable Worksheets

Sheet 1 – Redskins vs Giants
Sheet 2 – Jets vs Patriots
Sheet 3 – Ravens vs Steelers
Basic Addition
Basic Subtraction
Basic Multiplication
Quick Math Tables Skills
Different Presentation of Equations


Text Instructions:

  • Step 1.) Choose your team, the computer (or opponent’s) team, and the time limit. When you play the computer, some teams are harder to beat than others. For example, you have only 4 seconds to answer math facts when you play the Pittsburgh Steelers, whereas you have 15 seconds to answer math facts when you play the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Step 2.) Rumble down the field by answering math facts in the given time. On defense, you stop the opponent from advancing when you click on the math problem that matches the answer. Enjoy the game.