Grade levels 

Stock the Shelves

  • Step 1.) You play the role of Sammy – a convenient store clerk who is running late for work! He has two minutes to stock the shelves full of his customer’s favorite sodas. Each soda has to be in a special place on the shelves. It is your job to put them there using a special coordinate plane.
  • Step 2.) Read the directions and click “Play”. On the left side of the screen will be grid coordinates on top of a bottle of soda. Read the grid coordinates and click on the corresponding spot on the grid. For example, if the coordinates are (1, 2), you must go across one on the plane and up two. Click on the intersection point. You will know you are correct when you see a bottle cap atop the place you just clicked.
  • Step 3.) You have two minutes to stock all 20 bottles. If you are successful, Sammy can open the store on time. If not, he must close for the day and lose lots of MONEY!