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Horrendous Soup – A Metric Conversions Game

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Based on This Game:

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  * Horrendous Soup – (Example 1)
  * Horrendous Soup – (Example 2)

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  * Metric Units of Capacity
  * Metric Units of Distance
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  * Horrendous Soup Assessment 1
  * Horrendous Soup Assessment 2
Common Core Alignment
Age Appropriateness/Rationale

Horrendous Soup Common Core Alignment

Age Appropriateness

Horrendous Soup is a fun game in which students have to make a recipe for the most disgusting soup they can imagine. Students progress through the game by adding ingredients to the soup. Some of the ingredients are measured in capacity, some are measured in mass, and some are measured in distance (for example, the recipe might call for a certain amount of millimeters of toothpaste or tree branch). Given this is a bit far-fetched, but still a perfect way to reinforce metric conversion skills. To successfully print out the recipe, students must demonstrate the ability to convert the amounts of ingredients to other metric units. For example, liters to milliliters and vice versa, grams to milligrams and vice versa, and millimeters to centimeters to meters.

Skills Reinforced:

Metric Awareness
Converting Metric Units


Students who make the correct metric conversions can print out an example recipe as shown below: