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Horrendous Soup – A Metric Conversions Game

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Horrendous Soup Fun Printable Activity

Age Level Appropriateness
9 – 12
Converting Metric Units of Distance
Converting Metric Units of Volume (Capacity)
Converting Metric Units of Mass

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Text Instructions:

Have you ever made soup before? If so, I bet you’ve never made Horrendous Soup. Now’s your chance to bring justice to all who have forced you to eat food you hate. In Horrendous Soup, your job is make the most disgusting brew in the history of EARTH! Simply add ingredients from three categories: mass, distance, and capacity. To prove to the world that you have made the most terrible concoction the world has ever seen, you have to get the recipe right. To get the recipe right, you have to show the ability to convert the mass, capacity, and distance of the given ingredients to different metric measurements. For example, if the recipe calls for 3 liters of baby food, you might have to convert it to 3,000 milliliters. If it calls for 200 milligrams of toothpaste, you might have to convert it 0.2 grams. Finally, if the recipe calls for 2 meters of celery, you might have to convert it to 200 centimeters of celery and 2,000 millimeters of celery! If your conversions are correct, you will get to print out your recipe and picture of your soup to share with the entire world! Best of luck — and do your best to gross out the planet.