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Continents and Oceans

Glamour Legends

Cardinal Directions

Collage America!

Learning the Continents and Oceans Famous Americans Up, down, left, right, north, east, west, south, northeast, northwest, southeast… United States Geography, State Identification, Landmarks
Ages: 3 – 9 Ages: 3 – 9 Ages 3 – 12 Ages 6 – 12

U.S. Dollar Bill Maker

Totem Pole Maker

Continental Simon

Conquer the Continents

United States Currency and Important Figures Make your Own Totem Pole Continents, Memory World Nations
Ages 6 – 12 Ages 5 – 10 Ages 5-10 Ages 8 – 12

Conquer the States

Where is Mr. N?

The Calendar Game


U.S.A. Geography State Capitals, Cities, and Landmarks The Dates of Important Holidays Time Order of U.S. and World History Events
Ages 8 – 12 Ages 9 – 14 Ages 9 – 14 Ages 9 – 14

International Pizza Delivery


Landform Central

Who is your Founding Father?

Latitude and Longitude Latitude and Longitude and World Nation Identification Important U.S.A. Landforms Founding Fathers; Revolutionary Era
Ages 9 – 12 Ages 9 – 12 Ages 8 – 12 Ages 10 – 14

NFL Helmets

NFL Switcheroo

Currency Mismatch

State Detective

Major U.S. Cities NFL Helmets and Logos Who is on Which Dollar Bill? What State is the Computer Thinking of?
Ages 9 – 14 Ages 9 – 14 Ages 6 – 14 Ages 9 – 14

Country Detective

News City Pizza

State History Rater

Coast to Coast

What Country is the Computer Thinking of? Deliver Pizzas on time using north, east, south, and west Comparing and Evaluating State Histories U.S.A. Trivia Road Trip
Ages 9 – 14 Ages 9 – 12 Ages 10 – 14 Ages 10 – 14

Map Scale

Using a Map Scale to Calculate Distances      
Ages: 9 – 12