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Mr.N’s Math Slalom – A 3-D Math Skiing Game for Kids

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Age Level Appropriateness
7 – 10
Basic Addition
Basic Subtraction
Basic Multiplication
Basic Division
Quick Decision Making
Mental Math

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Text Instructions:

Welcome to Mr. Nussbaum’s Downhill Math Slalom – where your quick math and skiing skills can earn you a gold medal certificate. Choose from four different courses; each course requires you to practice a different operation (x, -, + or /). Use THE ARROW KEYS ON YOUR KEYBOARD to move the skiier.

When you choose a course, you will see a number to look for. For example, if you choose the addition course, you might see + 6. This means that you must ski between all flags that show a + 6 relationship. If the flags are numbered 2 and 8, you would ski through them. If they are numbered 5 and 10, you would ski around them.

Be careful, you will be penalized for skiing through the wrong flags and skiing around the correct flags. Watch out for those pesky squirrels, bears, penguins, and rocks that you must ski around to avoid penalties. To earn a gold medal, you have to be fast and nimble.