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Mr. – Second Grade Language Arts

Language Arts




These are interactive reading comprehension exercises for second grade learners that mirror those found on standardized tests. Exercises include a short reading passage about science or social studies topics and ten multiple choice questions. These exercises give immediate feedback and proivide a printable performance report.


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In Sight Words "Audible," parents and teachers can choose from dolch words, first grade words, or second grade words. In this program, the sight words are narrated and the student must drag and drop the correct letters in the blank boxes to correctly spell each word. If a student gets stuck on a letter, he or she can click the question mark below the blank box and the program will narrow the choices to two letters. The program gives immediate feedback and students can exit at any time. Upon exit, parents can print out a report that indicates student performance during the session. This program is great for students who excel at reading sight words but need practice spelling them.


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This great program allows teachers and parents to use pre-made sight word lists, or, to make their own sight word lists (which can be saved) to practice with students. Sight words appear as large flash cards. Parents or teachers can keep score by clicking the red "x" button or green "check" button. The program also offers accuracy reports.


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ABC Order for Kids


These interactive ABC Order exercises are perfect for elementary school students. Simply choose a word list from those provided and then select individual words, or, have the program generate random words from the list. Students must drag and drop the words on the left to their correct ABC order positions on the right. The "hint" button will help students focus on the first letters of similar words. Teachers and parents can also generate and save their own lists words for students to use in ABC order practice.


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Word Pyramids

Word Pyramids is a fantastic practice program that requires students to spell words in pyramid format. In the example to the left, "name" must be spelled n >> na >> nam >>> name. Each line of the pyramid is checked for accuracy. Students can choose from three different word lists: Dolch 220, first grade words, and second grade words. Words are narrated. Exit at any time and print out a performance report that includes all words successfully spelled and the time it took to spell them.


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Super fun spelling and typing game-application where teachers can create lists of words for students to spell or type, or, can have learners pick from pre-loaded lists of words including Dolch words or the most common words used in each grade level.




These interactive exercises are perfect for reading comprehension and contextual vocabulary.






Interactive and printable activities for all the second grade language arts standards and sub-standards






In Sentence Surgeons, learners have to correct the spelling, usage, and grammar in horribly "injured" sentences.




Learners can read any of three original stories online and then complete their associated interactive activities such as reading comprehension passages and questions, cloze reading exercises, vocabulary matching and much more. These are NOT your run-of-the-mill, boring stories. Kids love them. I know, because I wrote them and read them to my own students.



Digraph and Vowel Sound Crosswords are great for students learning to compare and contrast words based on their letters patterns. These crosswords also reinforce contextual vocabulary and reading comprehension.



Learners can generate online or printable word scrambles, word searches, ABC order exercises, and missing letter exercises from their spelling lists.



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