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Animals Thumbnail


Background: Listen to the voice and click on the correct animals. There are two rounds: An African savanna round and a beach round, with each round requiring identification of ten animals. If you can identify all 20 animals, you can print out a gold medal certificate.
Skills: Basic Animal Identification
Age Range: 3-6
Play on: Computer


Dinosaur Maker Thumbnail

Dinosaur Maker (NEW)

Background: In Dinosaur Maker, kids can mix and match parts of different dinosaurs to come up their own unique “Supersaurus!” They can even name, describe, and print out their dinosaurs.
Skills: Dinosaur parts, functions, and adaptations
Age Range: 4 – 8
Play on: Computer




Solar System Maker Thumbnail

Solar System Maker

Background: Bring your own solar system to life by creating nine different planets, adding rings, color, and moons, and then launching them into orbit. Watch as your planets orbit the sun. Name them whatever you want and print out your solar system when you are done.
Skills: Learning about space, planets, planet features, solar systems
Age Range: 5 – 10
Play on: Computer




Animalia Thumbnail


Background: Drag and drop the animals to their continents. There are 31 total animals. If you correctly place 28 or more, you can print out a gold medal certificate with one of the animals. There are 31 total certificates you can earn, so play often and trade with your friends to collect them all. This is a great game that reinforces the concepts of animal range and world geography.
Skills: Animals and Their Endemic Continents, World Geography, Continents,
Age Range: 5 – 10
Extensions: Included on Mr.N APP




Insecteresting Thumbnail


Background: In InsECTeresting, students must identify twenty different insects that appear in the neighborhood before night falls. Students have a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood and must watch for disturbances in the landscape before using their magic magnifying glass to get the decisive view. This game reinforces similarities and differences between insects, insect types, and identification.
Skills: Insects, Insect Identification, Insect parts, habitats, and adaptations
Age Range: 6 +
Play on: Computer
Extensions: Included on Mr.N APP




Virtual Butterfly Gardn Thumbnail

Virtual Butterfly Garden

Background: This super fun game allows students to create their own set of up to nine butterflies before releasing them in an ecosystem of their choice. Finally, students must "catch" the fluttering, floating, and dodging butterflies in as little time as possible.
Skills: Butterflies, Butterfly Habitat, Butterfly Parts
Age Range: 6 +
Play on: Computer




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Firefly Nights

Background: Firefly Nights in a mesmerizing game that requires students to build and identify the flash pattern of their personal fireflies, among an ever-increasing number of flashing fireflies.
Skills: Patterns
Age Range: 7 – 11
Play on: Computer | iPad or Tablet


Insect Generator Thumbnail

Insect Generator

Background: Make your own awesome insects using parts of six real insects. Then, name and describe your insect before printing it out!
Skills: Insect Parts, Insect Adaptations, Insect Habitats
Age Range: 6 +
Play on: Computer | iPad or Tablet




Tornado Maker

Background: Engineer your own massive tornado in Tornado Maker! First, pick the state in which your tornado will occur (note that F5 tornadoes can only occur in tornado alley, so make sure you pick such a state). Then, read the instructions to learn what word you will have type. Then, type that word as many times as you can in 30 seconds. The more you type, the faster you get the air masses spinning, and the stronger your tornado can be!
Skills: Tornadoes, Fast Typing, Fujita Scale, Tornado-vulnerable States
Age Range: 7 +
Play on: Computer




Habitat Maker Thumbnail

Habitat Maker

Background: Habitat Maker is a great activity for young kids to reinforce four different world habitats: Rainforest, desert, tundra, and temperate forest. Students can choose to design any of the four habitats and can add animated animals (many with sound effects) and appropriate vegetation. When students are finished, they can print out a picture of the habitat they created. IMPROVEMENTS TO THIS GAME ARE IN THE WORKS
Skills: World Geography, Ecosystems, Animals and Plants from Different Ecosystems
Age Range: 6 +
Play on: Computer




Mammal Maker Thumbnail

Mammal Maker

Background: Make your wacky mammal using the heads, middles, and legs of ten different mammals. Then, name your mammal, type facts about it, and print out its profile. Great integration of science and language arts!
Skills: Mammals, Mammal Adaptations
Age Range: 6 +
Play on: Computer | iPad or Tablet




Aurora Maker Thumbnail

Aurora Maker

Background: The Sharks section features interactive learning modules, shark profiles, shark anatomy, shark adaptations, interactive activities, and much more.
Skills: Auroras; Elements in the Atmosphere
Age Range: 6 +
Play on: Computer


Spacequake Thumbnail


Background: A space quake deep in the solar system has rearranged the planets and Pluto and threatens to destroy everything! The human race depends on you for survival. Use your interplanetary superpowers to arrange the planets in their correct positions from the sun. If you do so correctly, you can earn a certificate featuring one of the eight planets or Pluto. Try for the fastest score possible and collect all nine certificates.
Skills: Planets, Planetary Order
Age Range: 7 +
Play on: Computer
Extensions: Included on Mr.N APP







Recycle Thumbnail


Background: Help the people of Starkville learn to recycle! Drag and drop the items from the landfill to the appropriate receptacles. Drag the metal objects into the metal container, the plastic items into the plastic container, and the paper items into the paper container. See how many total items you can save from the landfill and recycle in three minutes.
Skills: Recycling, Items to be Recycled, Categories of Recycling
Age Range: 7 +
Play on: Computer




Animal Idol Thumbnail

Animal Idol

Background: In this game, your knowledge of the the animal and plant kingdoms will be tested like its never been tested before. Unlike American Idol, you won’t have to sing, but you will have to answer questions about animals, plants, and biomes. Each round has a different theme and the questions are tough. To make it to the next round, simply score five correct answers and score at least 50 percent. For example, if you get five correct, but get eight incorrect, you will be eliminated, but if you get five correct and four incorrect, you will survive. After every round, you’ll endure criticism by the three judges, Randy Jackal, Paula Impala, and Simon Cow. Can you be the next Animal Idol?
Skills: Animal Classification, Habitats, Adaptations, Identification, and much more
Age Range: 9 +
Play on: Computer | iPad or Tablet




Lonnie Thumnail


Background: Lonnie was the world’s greatest skateboarding champion. Famous for his death-defying jumps, he was attempting the ultimate jump – from one of the Petronas Towers to the other, over 700 feet above the ground! In front of a huge crowd, Lonnie almost made it —- but not quite. It was not a pretty sight . As the attending physician, it is your job to save Lonnie, who fell to the concrete below. Use your knowledge of the human body to put all of Lonnie’s organs and parts back in the right places. If you do so correctly, he has a good chance of survival. If not, Lonnie will have to live forever in the memories of his fans.
Skills: Human Body, Organs and Bones, Functions of Organs and Bones
Age Range: 9 +
Play on: Computer




Bacterial Invasion thumbnail

Bacterial Invasion

Background: Play the role of a horrible virus or bacterial infection and make your host as sick as possible with your knowledge of pathogens and the systems and organs of the human body. This is one of the oldest games on, but kids still love it!
Skills: Human Body, Viruses, Bacterial Infections, Human Anatomy
Age Range: 9 +
Play on: Computer


Setting the Periodic Table Thumbnail

Setting the Periodic Table

Background:The Periodic Table features an awesome interactive periodic table as well as a fun game to test your knowledge of the elements. How many elements on the chart can you identify in one minute?
Skills: Learning the Periodic Table
Age Range: 10 +
Play on: Computer




Trash ancer Thumbnail

Trash Cancer

Background: has teamed up with Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Movement to bring you Trash Cancer, an interactive game designed to teach kids ages 10 and older about the potential risks of common household items lurking in shelves, cabinets, and drawers. Choose your character and then search through the house to find all 15 potential hazards. If you can find all 15, rewards await you!
Skills: Toxic and Non-Toxic Household Items, Toxic Agents and Chemicals
Age Range: 10 +
Play on: Computer