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Dinosaur Maker

Solar System Maker


Animals Identification Make your own Ferocious Dinosaurs! Make your own Solar System with Planets, Moons, and much more! Animals and their Endemic Continents
Ages: 2 – 5 Ages: 5 – 10 Ages 6 – 10 Ages 6 – 12


Virtual Butterfly Garden

Firefly Nights

Insect Generator

Common Insect Identification Make your Own Fluttering Butterflies and Catch Them! Firefly Flash Patterns; Memory Make your own Insects!
Ages 6 – 10 Ages 5 – 10 Ages 7 – 11 Ages 6 – 10

Tornado Maker

Habitat Maker

Mammal Maker

Aurora Maker

Tornadoes and Tornado Alley; Typing Skill and Speed Make your own habitat and add plants and animals! Combine parts of mammals to make a new type! Make your own Northern Lights Displays
Ages 8 – 12 Ages 5 – 10 Ages 5 – 10 Ages 9 – 14



Animal Idol


Identifying planets and the order of planets Recycling cans, paper, and plastic Animal Classification, Adaptations, and more Major Bones and Organs of the Human Body
Ages 9 – 12 Ages 7 – 10 Ages 9 – 14 Ages 9 – 12

Bacterial Invasion

Setting the Periodic Table

Trash Cancer

Viruses and Bacterial Infections; Human Body Periodic Table Cancer-causing agents from household products  
Ages 9 – 14 Ages 10 – 14 Ages 10 – 14