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Sand Dollar Exchange – A Fraction Pictures Game for Kids

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Age Level Appropriateness
8 -11

Lesson Plan and Standards Information

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Fraction Identification
Fraction Reduction
1/2s, 1/4s, 1/8s, and /12ths
Ordering Fractions


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Sand Dollar Exchange Worksheet

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Text Instructions:

In Sand Dollar Exchange, you play the role of a brave little ocean crab who must pick up the sand dollars and fractions of sand dollars and drop them on their correct clam shells. Time is of the essence! If you finish the game, you can visit the Sand Dollar Exchange and "buy" one of three different certificates. If you finish the game within 200 seconds, you can "buy" a sting ray certificate, within 300 seconds, a horseshoe crab certificate, and within 600 seconds, a hermit crab certificate.