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Probability Fair – A Cool Set of Probability Games for Kids


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Welcome to Probability Fair. In this game, students will learn the practical application of the concept of probability by playing carnival games. The object is to win as many tickets as possible. Tickets can be won at the onset of the game by spinning the probability wheel. The probability wheel contains sixteen colored sections. To win five tickets to the fair, the user must select the probability that has the greatest likelihood. In the above example, P(yellow or red) is 7/16; P(blue or yellow) is 6/16 (3/8); P (green or blue) is 7/16; P(green or red) is 9/16. Hence, the student should choose P(green or red) because the wheel is MOST likely to land on either of those colors. Students can earn as many tickets as desired before entering the fair. There are five games at the fair, each of which cost different quantities of tickets and have different probabilities of the student winning.

Probability Fair is perfect for kids ages 9 – 12

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