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Grade levels 

Learning Games for Toddlers, Pre-School and Kindergarten

These are fun games for your Toddler, Pre-Schooler or Kindergarten-aged children that promote learning and specific skills

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Sea Horse Chronicles

Putting Numbers in order from 1-100
Adding and Subtracting to 9
Alphabet patterns
Sight Words
Word Problems in Addition and Subtraction
Letter Recognition and in Alphabet and with Jumbled Letters
World Geography
Letter and Number Recognition

Alpha Switch


Beginning Letter Sounds
Animal Identification

Two Letters


Beginning Letter Sounds/Digraphs
Basic Shapes Identification
Colors of objects
Forming Upper Case and Lower Case Letters
Sight Words
Animal Sounds
Alphabet, Letter Order
Basic Addition and Subtraction (to 20)
Addition to 12
Beginning Letter Sounds; Animals
Alphabet, Letter Song
Butterflies, Habitats
Make and Describe Your Own Dinosaur
Patterns, Numbers, Letters, Shapes and more!