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Grade levels 

Customizable Number Charts up to 1000

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Based on This Game:

Print out Lesson Plan

Practice using Picture-based Math (online)

  * 1-50 Number Chart with Missing Entries
  * 80-130 Number Chart with Missing Entries

Practice using standardized test simulation

  * Sequencing with Number Strips: What number is missing?
  * Basic Number Patterns
  * Countdowns
  * Closest/farthest from one
  * Adapted Number charts: What number is missing?
  * Counting on a hundreds chart
  * Finding the Treasure
  * What Number am I?
Print Worksheet (s)
  * Number Chart (1-100) What is the Hidden Number
  * Number Chart (1-100) What is the Hidden Number – Example 2
  * Number Chart – Fill in the Missing Fives and Tens
  * Number Chart (70-170) What is the Hidden Number
Common Core Alignment
Age Appropriateness/Rationale

The Amazing Number Chart Common Core Alignment


Age Appropriateness

The Amazing Number Chart is appropriate for kids ages 5 – 10. The Amazing Number Chart is a free online application for teachers, parents, and students, that reinforces counting, skip-counting, multiples, and number sense. Perfect for grades K-4, The Amazing Number Chart allows teachers to build, save, and deploy to students custom-made number charts that must be filled-in ONLINE according to their rules. No registration required! Simply build your number chart, click “save” and the system gives you a code to give to your students so they can complete your number chart.


Skills Reinforced

Counting 1-100
Counting by Multiples of 2 -10
Filling in Number Charts with Missing Numbers
Counting by tens
Numbers between 100 – 1,000
Ones and Tens