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Maximum Capacity – A Cool Estimation Game

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Age Level Appropriateness
8 – 11
Adding Tens and Hundreds
Estimation in Addition
Mental Math
Telling Time to the Minute
Elapsed Time

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Text Instructions:

  • Step 1.) In Maximum Capacity, you play the role of an elevator attendant who must bring as many gorillas as possible to the eighth floor for the annual Gorilla’s Ball at the Jungle Hotel! The only problem is, the doors to the ball close in three minutes, and there are still hundreds of anxious gorillas waiting. Bring as many as you can to the eighth floor in three minutes.
  • Step 2.) Check the weight capacity at the top of the elevator. It changes with each trip. Drag the gorillas into the elevator. Drag as many as you can without exceeding the weight capacity. You will have to use your quick addition, estimation, and number sense skills. The weight of each gorilla is listed on its hat, or, on its bag.
  • Step 3.) When you are satisfied, click the button next to the elevator. If your estimation did not exceed the weight capacity, the gorillas you dragged into the elevator will successfully make it to the ball. However, if the weight of the gorillas you dragged into the elevator exceeds the weight limit, the elevator will break down and you will have to start over. Click the “ClearX” Button in the “Weight Board” to clear the gorillas and add new ones.
  • Step 4.) See how many total gorillas you can take to the ball. You will find out your total at the end of the game.