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Math Games | 93 Free, Fun Math Games for Kids


Like Math Games? provides 91 FREE math games, created and developed by a math teacher with experience in grades 2 – 7.


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Primary Games (Pre-K, K, and Grade 1 and Up)




Maxine the Unicorn

Rainbow Juice

+, – (basic) Identifying Shapes +, – (basic) Patterns and more

Big Yellow Bus


Sea Horse Chronicles

Treasure Cliff

+, – (basic) +, – (basic) Ordering 1-100 Guess the Number?

The Jellybean Tree


School Fish


Bar Graphs/Pie Chart Arrays in +, -, and x Patterns; Oddballs Ordering, Skip-counting

Will and his Happy Hamstars

Texas Add Em’

Awful Waffles

Basic + and -; Differentiated Equations Adding basic numbers; Finding Like Equations Poker style Identifying incorrect basic math problems  

Primary Games (Grades 2 + )


Best Math Friends

Hungry, Hungry Gators

Dr. Chomper

Firefly Nights

Basic Word Problems <, >, = Basic and Intermediate +, – Patterns

Math Fries

Math Slalom

Lord Voldemath

World Cup Math

Basic and Intermediate +, – +, -, x, / +, -, x, / +, -, x, /

Ultimate Speed Math

Mayan Math Monster

Calendar Clowns

War Pretzels

+, -, x, / +, -, x, / Learning the Calendar Basic and Intermediate +, –

Cash Out

Garage Sale Wizard

Money Tree

Coin Search

Money, Giving Change Comparing Money Amounts Counting Money Money; Counting Amounts

Genius Boxing

Bedtime Bandits


The Golden Path

<, >, = with equations Telling Time Setting Clocks; Telling Time +, -, x, /

Grades 3 +


Crossing Math Canyon

Around the World

Multiplication Zombies

Ultimate Teachers Lounge

Multiples, Multiplication Multiplication; Flash Cards Multiplication +, -, x, / Flash Cards

Maximum Capacity

Great American Multiplication Challenge

Tackle Math Ball

Bowling Pin Math

Estimation; Mental Math Customizable Multiplication +, -, x; differentiated equations +, -, x; Target Numbers

Factor Family Reunion

Half-court Rounding

Shape Invaders

Great American Division Challenge

Multiplication; Factors Rounding Shapes, Polygons Customizable Division

Sand Dollar Exchange

Envision Division

Piggy Bankers

Lunch Lady

Fraction Identification   Advanced Counting Money Calculating Prices

Grades 4 +


Stock the Shelves


Tony Fraction

Artie Ounces

Coordinate Plane   Equaivalent Fractions Standard Units of Volume

Home Run Derby Math

Probability Fair

Food Fight

Tae Kwon Donuts

Estimation in +, -, x Probability Two-digit Addition Negative and Positive Operations

Place Value Pirates

Estimation Valley Golf

Decimals of the Caribbean

Fraction Dolphins

Place Value Estimation in +, -, and x Decimals, Whole Numbers as Words Equivalent Fractions

Sushi Fractions

Zoo Designer


Fractions of Circles; Estimation Area, Perimeter Measurement Terms, Estimation, Timing  

Grades 5 +


Hotel Decimalfornia

Sal’s Sub Shop

Death to Decimals

Age of the Angles

Adding and Subtracting Decimals; Mental Math Measuring with Metric and Standard Rulers; Fractions Decimals to Fractions Using a Protractor, Estimating Angle Measures

Horrendous Soup

Factorization Forest

Fraction America

Greatest American Zero

Converting Metric Units Prime Factorization, Exponents Fractions; Reducing Large Numbers with Zeros

Teacher Dodgeball

Anti-Homework Elementary

Clara Fraction

Computation Castle

Equations with Missing Parts Estimating Angle Measures Mixed Numbers; Improper Fractions Fractions; Exponents, Place Value, and More

Card Sharks


Order Ops

Burnside’s Billions

Probability Angles, Directions Order of Operations Currency Conversion Rates; Decimal Calculations


Best Math Friends

Happy Class

Temperature Class

Percentages; Calculating Tip Amounts   Logic; Critical Thinking Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers

Paper Football

Lunch Line

Buddy System

Function Windows

Estimating Angles Ordering Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages Proportions Functions; Equations; Variables

The Market

Mr. N’s Boardwalk Challenge

Supermarket Pro

Stock Market Simulation; Economic Thought Ordering Positive and Negative Integers on Number Line Unit Prices