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Mathepillar – A Fun Skip Counting Game

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Based on This Game:

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Practice using Picture-based Math (online)

  * Mathepillar Practice (by ones)
  * Mathepillar Practice (by fives and tens)

Practice using standardized test simulation

  * Missing Numbers on a Hundreds Chart
  * Basic Number Patterns
  * Missing Numbers from Number Sequences
  * Countdowns (no iPad)
Print Worksheet (s)
  * Counting by Tens with the Mathepillars
  * Counting by Fives with the Mathepillars
  * Number Chart Math: What’s the Symbol?
Common Core Alignment
Age Appropriateness/Rationale

Mathepillar Common Core Alignment

Age Appropriateness/Rationale

Mathepillar is an outrageously fun game in which players have to order falling numbers on a number line by positioning their caterpillar in the correct place to catch the numbers. There are four stages to the game, and each stage presents a slightly more complicated number line or pattern. If a player can pass all four stages, he or she can print out one of six limited edition butterfly certificates, each featuring a different species of butterfly. Try to collect all six!

* Tip – Students should know if that if a number falls into the incorrect caterpillar segment, they don’t have to start all over again. Click or tap "refresh level" at the bottom right of the screen, and the game starts again from the round the student was on.

Mathepillar is perfect for kids ages 7-9, Grade Levels: 2.2 – 4.0 (apx.)

Scoring Breakdown and Grade Level Equivalency

Round Grade Level Equivalency
2 2.2
3 3.0
4 4.0 (mastery)


Skills Reinforced:

Counting 11-20
Counting by fives from 5-100
Ordering Numbers


When students win Mathepillar, they can print out one of six certificates featuring different butterflies. The idea is to collect all six certificates: monarch, blue morpho, painted lady, swallowtail, atlas moth, and luna moth. Below is an example: