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Featured Game: Spellerz!



My newest game makes spelling and typing fun and is a great tool for teachers! Try to save the world from evil, invading “spellerz” by typing the words that appear as fast as possible. Choose from eleven different word lists (including 1st grade through 7th grade lists) and choose the number of words to be included. Even better, add your own word list and receive a code to give students. When students enter the code, the game will be populated with only the words from your list!

Alpha Baby Races
Bash a Letter or Number!
Skills: Alphabet Patterns
Skills: Sight Words
Skill: Letter Identification
Skill: Letter/Number Identification
Alpha Switch
Two Letters!

Letter the Sky!

Skills: Beginning Letter Sounds

Skills: Digraphs
Skills: Forming Upper and Lower Case Letters
Skills: Sight Words
The Curse of the Farm Fox

Letter Quest

Alpha Train


Skills: Animal Sounds
Skills: Alphabet; Letter Order
Skills: Beginning Letter Sounds; Animals
Skills: Alphabet
The Wrong Name Game

Spelling Central
Extreme Sentence Surgeons
Grilled Cheese Please
Skills: Sight Words; Basic Spelling
Skills: Make word searches, abc order, missing letter etc
Skills: Sentence and paragraph correction
Skills: Spelling
Kidzness Card Maker
Logo Maker
Everglades Spelling
Skills: Kids can me their own business or “kidz”ness cards
Skills: Make your own logo
Skills: Make funny stories using parts of speech
Skills: Spelling; word recognition
Semicolon Wars
Skills: Unscramble Words
Skills: basic vocabulary
Skills: Antonyms
Skills: Using periods, commas, colons, and semicolons
Torture the Teacher
Deluxe Paralaughs
Skills: 100 most commonly misspelled words
Skills: Parts of Speech
The Hungry Hangman Games
Personality Pumpkins
Sweet 16 Word Madness
General Tso’s Spicy Synonyms
Skills: Proverbs, Aphorisms
Skills: Adjectives; personality traits
Skills: Spelling, word recognition
Skills: Synonyms, vocabulary