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Language Arts Games, Stories, Activities and More for Grades K – 8



The language arts game collection features 33 original games. Create hilarious stories while practicing nouns, verbs, and adjectives with Deluxe Paralaughs, practice homophones while trick-or-treating in a spooky neighborhood with Homophones on Halloween, or, practice forming words while playing in the NCAA Sweet 16 basketball tournament and much more. Games are available for all ages.




These are interactive reading comprehension exercises for that mirror those found on standardized tests. Exercises include a short reading passage and five-ten multiple choice questions. Immediate feedback is given. Over 200 of these are available in social studies and science topics. Each passage is indexed by approximate grade level appropriateness spanning from second grade to sixth grade (although sixth grade passages can be used for kids in 6th, 7th, or 8th grades). Over 100,000 of these exercises are completed every day.




This section includes over nearly 100 printable reading comprehension passages and questions sets for kids in grades 2-8. Some of these are adapted version of the digital exercises, while others are not available digitally.

Answers can be found here



In Sentence Surgeons, students are presented with a "hideous" paragraph or sentence and must use their "sentence surgery" skills to replace bad grammar, spelling, and usage. Students can check along the way to see how many errors in each category are left, or, can wait until the end to see if they corrected all. About 30 exercises are available in both science and social studies topics.



These are great, interactive contextual vocabulary exercises that require students to enter words from a word bank into their correct places in the paragraphs. Immediate feedback is given. There are about 60 of these exercises in science and social studies available for students in grades 2-5.



Spellerz is a powerful game in which users can practice their sight words, spelling, and typing. Users must save the world from invading “spellerz” by using their typing skills to type the words that flash on the screen. Teachers can create custom word lists or players can choose from eleven different grade-leveled word lists and select the number of words to be included in the game. The time limit of the game is proportional to the number of words included. I’ve used this with my six year-old son and it’s been amazing for practicing the first 100 sight words – better than any flash cards.


Learners can generate online or printable word scrambles, word searches, ABC order exercises, and missing letter exercises from their spelling lists. The bug which prevented these from printing has been fixed.




Paralaughs are fun online exercises that reinforce parts of speech, kind of like online Mad Libs! Students can choose from nine different themes in science and social studies.


Animated Biographies serve as vivid, animated storybooks detailing the lives of famous people in history through animation. Choose from Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman, George Washington, Susan B. Anthony, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, or Christopher Columbus





Digraph and Vowel Sound Crosswords are great for students learning to compare and contrast words based on their letters patterns. These crosswords also reinforce contextual vocabulary and reading comprehension. Over 20 different crosswords to choose from.



idioms for kids


Ever wonder what “cat got your tongue” means? This section features an interactive adage village that literally illustrates 25 different adages in action. Students can click on an adage to learn its meaning and how it came into use.


These interactive ABC Order exercises are perfect for five, six, and seven-year old learners.



Learners can read any of three original stories online and then complete their associated interactive activities such as reading comprehension passages and questions, cloze reading exercises, vocabulary matching and much more. These are NOT your run-of-the-mill, boring stories. Kids love them. I know, because I wrote them and read them to my own students.

  offers e-books on both dinosaurs and weather events. Each e-book is available in versions for young readers and advanced readers. Students also have the option of having the books narrated. Beautiful graphics and animations make these VERY appealing to young learners.




These exercises are similar to the Cloze Reading exercises except that students have to hunt through the paragraph to find the words that are misspelled before replacing them with the correctly word spelled. There are six different exercises to choose from. These are perfect for grades 4 and up.



This is an interactive book that explains all about the many different kinds of nouns and pronouns. This section also contains interactive and printable skill-builder exercises.



This section features an interactive commas book that describes and gives examples about the many different uses of commas. This section also provides numerous interactive activities.



This innovative program, called "Kidzness Card Maker" allows students to create their own personalized "business cards," that print out eight to a page. This is a great activity for students to express themselves and to trade their cards with their classmates.