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Math Games

The Big Yellow Bus
The Jellybean Tree
Skills: Adding/Subtracting from to/from 10
Skills: Shape Identification
Skills: Adding to 12
Skills: Graphing; Data Analysis
Treasure Cliff
Skills: Navigating a 1-100 Chart
Defeat the Math Monster
Ultimate Speed Math
Firefly Nights
Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: +, -, x, / Number Patterns
Calendar Clowns
Mr.N's Math Slalom
War Pretzels
Skills: Navigating the Calendar Skills: Navigating the calendar Skills: Telling Time Skills: +, -, x, /
Garage Sale Wizard
Around the World
Maximum Capacity
Shape Invaders
Skills: Comparing Coin Amounts
Skills: Multiplication Skills: Estimation, Addition Skills: Geometry, Shapes
Half-court Rounding
Bowling Pin Math
Tackle Math Ball
Math Fries
Skills: Rounding Skills: Adding and Subtracting Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: Adding and Subtracting
Buffalo Math
World Cup Math
Cash Out
Bedtime Bandits
Skills: Adding and Subtracting Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: Counting money, change Skills: Telling Time
Golden Path
Becoming Lord Voldemath
Great American Mult. Challenge
Skills: Telling Time Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: Multiplication
Piggy Bankers
Best Math Friends
Genius Boxing
Skills: Counting Coins, Problem Solving
Skills: Word Problems
Skills: Number lines and Patterns
Basic Inequalities
Lunch Lady
Stock the Shelves
Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop
Scottie Nickel's Change Maker
Skills: Counting money with decimals
Skills: Coordinate Planes
Skills: Equivalent Fractions
Skills: Converting Change
Artie Ounces Soda Jerk
Home Run Derby Math
Money Tree
Decimals of the Caribbean
Skills: Metric and Standard Units of Capacity
Skills: Estimation in Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication
Counting values of individual types of coins or mixed coins
Matching written whole numbers or decimals with numerical counterparts
Crossing Math Canyon
Skills: Multiples, skip-counting
Estimation Valley Golf
Sal's Sub Shop
Place Value Pirates
Place Value Pirates -no decimals
Skills: Estimation in Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication
Skills: Measuring metric and standard units with a ruler
Skills: Place Value with and without decimals
Skills: Converting Fraction to Decimals and back
Death to Decimals
Factorization Forest
Fraction Dolphins
Horrendous Soup
Skills: Converting Fraction to Decimals and back
Skills: Prime Factorization, exponents, multiplication
Skills: Equivalent Fractions
Skills: Metric Conversions
Zoo Designer
Skills: Area and Perimeter
Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop
Computation Castle
Card Sharks
Order Ops
Skills: Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers
Skills: Variety; Exponents, Place Value, Fractions and more
Skills: Probabilitiy
Skills: Order of Operations
Burnside's Billions
Best Math Friends
Fraction America
kills: computation, converting currency, estimation, profit/loss
Skills: calculating percentages of numbers, tips
Skills: word problems, problem solving
Skills: Fractions, Reducing Fractions
Temperature Map
Skills: Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers

Language Arts Games

Alpha Baby Races
Bash a Letter or Number
The Wrong Name Game
Spelling Central
Extreme Sentence Surgeons
Grilled Cheese Please
Everglades Spelling
Skills: Make word searches, abc order, missing letter etc
Skills: Sentence and paragraph correction
Skills: Spelling
Skills: Kids can me their own business or "kidz"ness cards
Semicolon Wars
Torture the Teacher
Sweet 16 Word Madness
Skills: basic vocabulary
Skills: Using periods, commas, colons, and semicolons
Skills: 100 most commonly misspelled words
Skills: Spelling, word recognition
General Tso's Spicy Synonyms
Skills: Spelling, word recognition

Social Studies Games /Tools

Continents and Oceans
Skills: Continents and Oceans
Skills: Northwest, southwest, southeast, northeast and more!
Where in the USA is Mr.N?
Totem Pole Maker
Conquer the States
Skills: State capitals, cities, landmarks
Skills: Totem Pole Fun
U.S. Geography
U.S. Geography
The Founding Father
State Detective
Skills: Founding Fathers; Birth of a Nation
United Staets Geography; Deductive Reasoning

Science Games

Mammal Maker
Insect Generator
Animal Idol
Mammal Characteristics
Insect Characteristics
Animal Classification
Animal Geography and Range
Setting the Periodic Table
Periodic Table
Human Body