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Half-court Rounding – A Rounding Game for Kids

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Age Level Appropriateness
8 – 11
Rounding to the Nearest Ten
Rounding to the Nearest Hundred
Rounding to the Nearest Tenth
Place Value

Half-court Rounding Printable

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Text Instructions:

  • Step 1.) Enter your name and choose one player or two players. For a two player game, the second player plays after the first player.
  • Step 2.) Click on the “1 pointer,” “two pointer,” or “three pointer button”. Thee pointers are harder than two pointers, and two pointers are harder than one pointers.
  • Step 3.) Round the number at the bottom of the page. Then, click enter. If you are correct, your character will make the basket. If you are wrong, he will miss. Try to get the highest score possible in 90 seconds.