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Habitat Maker – Make your Own Habitats with Animals

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Age Level Appropriateness
6 – 10
Desert, Mountain, Rainforest, Grasslands Biomes
Animals and Plants Characteristic of Biomes


Text Instructions


  • Step 1.)¬†The first step, is to choose a habitat of interest. Then, take the habitat quiz as the application loads. To take the quiz, simply click on the plants and animals that naturally occur in the habitat you have chosen and click “check results.” You will get credit for each animal you correctly selected and lose credit for animals incorrectly selected. Animals that should have been selected that were not are not counted against you. Next click “done,” view your results and click “done” again.
  • Step 2.)¬†Click on the plants and animals to populate your habitat. Each animal comes with different animations. For example, you can prompt the turtle to retreat into its shell, cause the rattlesnake to attack, and make a howler monkey howl. Many animals come with sounds as well. You can also remove an animal by clicking on it, and then clicking the “Remove” button. When you are satisfied with your habitat, click “done” and then “print.” The image takes up to two minutes to generate, so please be patient.