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Fifth Grade Math, Reading, Spelling Games and More

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Mr.N’s Math Slalom
Ultimate Speed Math
Dr. Chomper
Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: +, -, x, /
Skills: Skip Counting and Patterns
Skills: Adding and Subtracting
Piggy Bankers
Maximum Capacity
Shape Invaders
Half-court Rounding
Skills: Counting Coins, Problem Solving
Skills: Estimating; Addition Skills: Shapes and Polygons Skills: Rounding
Golden Path
Cash Out
Bedtime Bandits
Skills: +, -, x, /
Skills: Counting coins; giving change Skills: Telling Time Skills: Telling Time
Becoming L. Voldemath
Sand Dollar Exchange
Lunch Lady

Food Fight

Skills: +, -, x, /
Skills: Fraction Identification
Skills: Counting Change with Decimals
Skills: Addition Estimation and Number Sense
Tony Fraction
Place Value Pirates
Place Value Pirates – No Decimals
Home Run Derby Math

Skills: Equivalent Fractions
Skills: Place Value with and without decimals
Skills: Place Value without decimals
Skills: Estimation in Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication
Greatest Am. Zero
Artie Ounces
Horrendous Soup
Decimals of the Caribbean
Skills: Understanding Zero, Large Numbers
Skills: Metric and Standard Units of Capacity
Skills: Metric conversions
Probability Fair
Fraction Dolphins
Hotel Decimalfornia
Sal’s Sub Shop
Skills: Probability
Skills: Equivalent Fractions
Skills: Adding and subtracting decimals
Skills: Measuring metric and standard units with a ruler
Zoo Designer
Estimation Valley Golf
Factorization Forest
Skills: Area, Perimeter
Skills: Angle Recognition
Skills: Estimation in Addition, Subtraction and Multiplicatio
Skills: Prime Factorization
Clara Fraction’s Ice Cream Shop

Matthew Metric’s Gum Parlor

Computation Castle

Card Sharks

Skills: Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers
Skills: Converting Standard and Metric Units of Distance
Skills: Variety; Exponents, Place Value, Fractions and more
Skills: Probability
Order Ops

Burnside’s Billions


Best Math Friends
Skills: Order of Operations
Skills: computation, converting currency, estimation, profit/loss
Skills: calculating percentages of numbers, tips
Skills: word problems, problem solving
Tae Kwon Donuts
Coin Search
Operations for Positive and Negative Numbers
Forming and Finding Coin Values

Language Arts Games


Spelling Central

Extreme Sentence Surgeons

The Semicolon Wars
Letter/Number Recognition
Skills: Make word searches, abc order, missing letter etc
Skills: Sentence and paragraph correction
periods, commas, semicolons, colons
Kidzness Card Maker

Logo Maker


Everglades Spelling

Skills: Kids can me their own business or "kidz"ness cards
Skills: Make your own logo
Skills: Make funny stories using parts of speech
Skills: Spelling; word recognition


Torture the Teacher
Sweet 16 Word Madness
Skills: Unscramble Words
Skills: basic vocabulary
Skills: 100 most commonly misspelled words
Skills: Spelling, word recognition
The Hungry Hangman Games
Proverbs and Aphorisms

Social Studies Games

Collage America!


Where in the USA is Mr.N?

U.S. Currency Maker

Skills: U.S. State geography
Skills: U.S. State geography
Captials, Cities, Places
Skills: U.S. Currency Fun
Totem Pole Maker

Conquer the Continents

Conquer the States

Magellan vs Earhart

Skills: Totem Pole Fun
Skills: World Geography; Country Location
Skills: United States Geography
Skills: World Geography
Coast to Coast
NFL Helmets

State Detective

Advanced USA Trivia
U.S. and World History
United States Cities
United States Geography; Deductive Reasoning

Science Games

Aurora Generator

Animal Idol

Bacterial Invasion
Animals and Geographic Range
Skills: Auroras
Animal Classification
Human Body
Solar System Maker

Setting the Periodic Table


Human Body Parts and Functions
Skills: Planets and Solar System
Skills: Periodic Table
Skills: Ordering Planets

Other Games

Clickaway Studio

Interactive Jigsaws

Word Searches

Online Coloring

Online Jigsaws

Online Word Search