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Fifth Grade Math, Reading, Spelling Games and More

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Mr.N’s Math Slalom
Ultimate Speed Math
Dr. Chomper
Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: +, -, x, /
Skills: Skip Counting and Patterns
Skills: Adding and Subtracting
Piggy Bankers
Maximum Capacity
Shape Invaders
Half-court Rounding
Skills: Counting Coins, Problem Solving
Skills: Estimating; Addition Skills: Shapes and Polygons Skills: Rounding
Golden Path
Cash Out
Bedtime Bandits
Skills: +, -, x, /
Skills: Counting coins; giving change Skills: Telling Time Skills: Telling Time
Becoming L. Voldemath
Sand Dollar Exchange
Lunch Lady

Food Fight

Skills: +, -, x, /
Skills: Fraction Identification
Skills: Counting Change with Decimals
Skills: Addition Estimation and Number Sense
Tony Fraction
Place Value Pirates
Place Value Pirates – No Decimals
Home Run Derby Math

Skills: Equivalent Fractions
Skills: Place Value with and without decimals
Skills: Place Value without decimals
Skills: Estimation in Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication
Greatest Am. Zero
Artie Ounces
Horrendous Soup
Decimals of the Caribbean
Skills: Understanding Zero, Large Numbers
Skills: Metric and Standard Units of Capacity
Skills: Metric conversions
Probability Fair
Fraction Dolphins
Hotel Decimalfornia
Sal’s Sub Shop
Skills: Probability
Skills: Equivalent Fractions
Skills: Adding and subtracting decimals
Skills: Measuring metric and standard units with a ruler
Zoo Designer
Estimation Valley Golf
Factorization Forest
Skills: Area, Perimeter
Skills: Angle Recognition
Skills: Estimation in Addition, Subtraction and Multiplicatio
Skills: Prime Factorization
Clara Fraction’s Ice Cream Shop

Matthew Metric’s Gum Parlor

Computation Castle

Card Sharks

Skills: Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers
Skills: Converting Standard and Metric Units of Distance
Skills: Variety; Exponents, Place Value, Fractions and more
Skills: Probability
Order Ops

Burnside’s Billions


Best Math Friends
Skills: Order of Operations
Skills: computation, converting currency, estimation, profit/loss
Skills: calculating percentages of numbers, tips
Skills: word problems, problem solving
Tae Kwon Donuts
Coin Search
The Money Tree
Happy Class
Operations for Positive and Negative Numbers
Forming and Finding Coin Values
Counting Money
Logic; Following Directions
Temperature Map
Skills: Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers

Language Arts Games


Spelling Central

Extreme Sentence Surgeons

The Semicolon Wars
Letter/Number Recognition
Skills: Make word searches, abc order, missing letter etc
Skills: Sentence and paragraph correction
periods, commas, semicolons, colons
Kidzness Card Maker

Logo Maker


Everglades Spelling

Skills: Kids can me their own business or "kidz"ness cards
Skills: Make your own logo
Skills: Make funny stories using parts of speech
Skills: Spelling; word recognition


Torture the Teacher
Sweet 16 Word Madness
Skills: Unscramble Words
Skills: basic vocabulary
Skills: 100 most commonly misspelled words
Skills: Spelling, word recognition
The Hungry Hangman Games
Deluxe Paralaughs
Proverbs and Aphorisms
Skills: Parts of Speech

Social Studies Games

Collage America!


Where in the USA is Mr.N?

U.S. Currency Maker

Skills: U.S. State geography
Skills: U.S. State geography
Captials, Cities, Places
Skills: U.S. Currency Fun
Totem Pole Maker

Conquer the Continents

Conquer the States

Magellan vs Earhart

Skills: Totem Pole Fun
Skills: World Geography; Country Location
Skills: United States Geography
Skills: World Geography
Coast to Coast
NFL Helmets

State Detective

Advanced USA Trivia
U.S. and World History
United States Cities
United States Geography; Deductive Reasoning

Science Games

Aurora Generator

Animal Idol

Bacterial Invasion
Animals and Geographic Range
Skills: Auroras
Animal Classification
Human Body
Solar System Maker

Setting the Periodic Table


Human Body Parts and Functions
Skills: Planets and Solar System
Skills: Periodic Table
Skills: Ordering Planets
Tornado Maker
Dinosaur Maker

Other Games

Clickaway Studio

Interactive Jigsaws

Word Searches

Online Coloring

Online Jigsaws

Online Word Search