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Explorers Maps, Activities, Biographies and More for Kids


This Section Features Explorer Games, Biographies, Activities, Worksheets, Stories, Legends and Maps

This section offers extensive biographical information on 18 world-changing explorers and their explorations. You can filter by Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, or American explorers. More will be added soon.



This section features numerous interactive activities for kids in grades 4 and up including reading comprehension exercises, cloze reading contextual vocabulary exercises, containers classification exercises, word searches, sentence surgeons, interactive scavenger hunts and much more.



This section features an interactive maps of the locations and haunts of both the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Barbary Pirates of the Ottoman Empire. Click on any part of the map to learn about each locale was tormented by pirates. Learn about famous (or infamous) pirates, pirate vocabulary, modern-day pirates, and even play awesome pirate-themed math games such as Decimals of the Caribbean and Place Value Pirates.
This section features the essence of the Age of Exploration. Learn about magical destinations such as the Fountain of Youth or Seven Cities of Cibola. Learn about some of the strange obstacles faced by explorers such as fear of sea monsters (like the Kraken or Sea Bishop) and about horrible diseases such as Scurvy that plagued explorers. Do you know what St. Elmo’s Fire is? Learn in this section.


This section contains a comprehensive summary of the Age of Exploration from the 1400s through the American Revolution


This section contains an interactive map that chronicles the epic journey of Lewis and Clark through the Louisiana wilderness all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This section also contains biographies of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Sacagawea, as well as interactive and printable activities.

Need Explorer route map printables? Search no farther. This section contains seven maps that trace the routes of Columbus, Ponce de Leon, Ferdinand Magellan, and several others.

This section includes a comprehensive narrative of the grand journey that served to kick off the Age of Exploration: Marco Polo’s journey to China. Do you know what inventions that Marco Polo observed in China well before they were even conceived of in Europe? Click here to find out.

This section includes online printables perfect for interactive notebooks. Among the many printables are reading comprehension exercises perfect for grades 5 and up . Printables include role-playing scenarios where students must write a journal entry with maps about a world they just discovered, Mt. Explorer, which serves as the “Mt. Rushmore” of explorers and many others designed to engage students and activate imagination for one of the most interesting parts of world and American history.

This is a flash-based interactive exhibit which contains abridged information about many of the topics and explorers covered.