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Estimation Valley Golf – A Math Golf Game for Kids



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Age Appropriateness


Estimation Valley Golf is appropriate for kids ages 9 – 12.

Skills Reinforced:

  • Mental Math
  • Estimating Sums
  • Estimating Products
  • Estimating Differences



Step 1.) Choose a character and the course (putting green is one hole, junior course is six holes, and pro course is nine holes. Pro course includes multiplication, whereas junior course includes large addition and subtraction).

Step 2.) Find the math problem in the bottom right portion of the screen. You have ten seconds to ESTIMATE the answer. Put the answer in the text box.

Step 3.) Click “validate” or hit the enter button on your keyboard. If your answer to the math problem is close (within 25 % of the actual answer), you will go on to the next shot, where the math problem will be easier. If your shot is not within 25 % of the actual answer, or you do not get it off in time, you must re-take the shot and lose a stroke. If you get the answer exactly right the first time, you get a hole in one. If you get it exactly right in the second or third shot, you sink the shot in the hole! The game is scored just like real golf. The goal is to get the LOWEST score possible.

Step 4.) Repeat the process for ensuing math problems.